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I have just bought a system from them and I'm more then pleased with it. Hooked it up, started it and it works great. I have repeatly bought from them for several years now and have never had any problems.

I have bought different types of memory, for my computer and sister's computer. Put it in and worked just great. I also bought from them computer cases, graphics, cards, hard drives, power supplies, mother boards, processors, cables, modding led lights,optical drives and floppy drives,

I have been doing business with them for over two years and have never had any problems.

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this guy is bogus, fills his pricewatch comments with 'positive feedpack' too.


Silicon Assets - Deceptive Advertising, Rude Abusive Customer Support

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I ordered memory from this company and they offered 5 sticks of DDR memory for the price of 4 sticks with free shipping. After placing the order I could not find a place where I would receive the appropriate discounts. I tried to call the company and they told me they werer only an "online" company and to write them.

I did send an email asking about the discounts and they replied that it would be taken care of. However, there was no place in the ordering system for it and it had to be done manually. So had I not brought it to their attention they would not have provided the discounts.

The website I found them through also has a rating site so I entered a rating saying that I was displeased with the order process. I then received threats about law suits, denial of shippment even though I had paid by credit card and slanderous comments about my company that required several responses via email from me and a call to my lawyer as well.

This is a company that sells many computer products and you need to steer clear of them unless abusive, rude and long protracted email bouts are something you enjoy.

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